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Megaman X RPG Chapter 2 Update: Tier 2 Upgrades

2009-11-04 20:10:57 by ChamberACR

Tier 2 UPGRADES (subject to change):

REDIRECT: ARMOR rating increases your POWER by the same amount.
KINETICS: ABSORB rating increases your CHARGE rating by the same amount.
MENTAL CAPACITY: SP is increased by a percentage of your HP.
IMPROVED REGEN: REGENERATE command also cures poison/blindness.
IMPROVED RECHARGE: Improve the amount of SP regained with the RECHARGE command by 25/50%.

IMPACT: Your melee attacks cause extra damage.
BARRELS OF WIN: Your buster attacks cause extra damage.
BACKSTAB: Causes extra damage when attempting to steal.
PRIMER PLUS: Damage caused by Primer Attacks are increased by 10/20/30/40/50%.
UNLOAD: Melee/buster attacks deal more damage based on aggro. Each attack decreases aggro.

IGNITE: All fire-type attacks BURN the target, increasing damage caused by fire damage.
LOCK-ON: Each successful fire-type attack increases the chance to crit. Effect stacks.
ROBOT VITAMINS: The duration of afflictions is decreased.
BIOMETRIC SCAN: Enemies that are scanned receive 10/2030% more damage.
BESERKER FURY: The more aggro you have, the less damage you take.

MOMENTUM: All wind-type techs have a chance to bestow HASTE to the caster.
FIGHTIN' DIRTY: All wind-type techs have a chance to BLIND the target.
CRYSTALIZE: All ice-type techs have a chance to SLOW the target.
COLD FUSION: Tech costs are reduced 10/2030%.
POWER SURGE: Techs do twice the damage, but also cost twice the SP to cost.

ENFUSION: HEALING rating increases FOCUS rating.
RESIDUAL HEALING: The caster regains a portion of health after healing another friendly target.
BATTLEFIELD MEDIC: Aggro generated by heals are reduced by 30/60/90%.
SPARK OF LIFE: When a heal crits, a percentage of SP is refunded to the caster.
IMPROVED SUPPORT: Increase the damage/heal effect your support unit does by 20/50%.

Megaman X RPG Chapter 2 Update: Tier 2 Upgrades


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