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MEGAMAN RPG CHAPTER 2 UPDATE: Revamped Battle System

2009-12-30 01:27:31 by ChamberACR

Hello everybody! I just wanted to say, first and foremost, HAPPY NEW YEARS! Looks like humanities made it another year without (sadly) a zombie rampage. I guess that deserves some sort of celebration. Well. Unless you're a zombie. Then it's just not a good year for you.


FIGHT ENGINE - To get the ball rolling, I want to announce that I've fully revamped the battle system for Chapter 2. While it still retains it's core design, I looked at how many people were playing the game and made a lot of modifications. Aside from cleaning up the interface and making it more, how shall we say, "elegant", a LOT of my focus has been geared towards providing essential information without cluttering up the already packed display. As you can tell from the screen shot, buffs and afflictions (as well as other information) is now packed nicely in the corner, and with the mouse, you can view what kind of buffs/debuffs are affecting your party members just by going over them. Like in WoW. (Yes, I shamelessly stole a good idea when I saw it). Also note that strengths and weaknesses have now been compacted and moved to the left corner, just near the HP bar (which was also redesigned). There are also new and varied types of SUPPORT characters.

I worked on more than just aesthetics, though. A lot of improvements are "under the hood", so you'll get a chance to try it out when I release a test demo (hopefully) sometime in the next two weeks. I need bug testers to week out anything I might have missed.

TALENT POINTS - As I've already announced, there are now over 75 UNIQUE upgrade points. A lot of them are damn cool and I spent an entire week (this week in fact) finalizing them and making them all really useful. Some modify existing skills, some affect the entire party, some boosts stats. It's really a fun gimmick and makes this, in my opinion, one of the most - if not THEE most - sophisticated Flash RPG ever made. Yes, I'm making that claim. It's going to be awesome.

WEAPON / ITEM SYNTHESIZING - This was a feature I wanted to do for Chapter 1, but I didn't have the time to implement it. But now it's ready. After battle, you'll often find SCRAPS. By finding "Schematics" littered throughout the game world, you'll be able to create new weapons, items and armor from existing gear.

Well that's all for now. I'll try and have a playable "test" demo out within the next couple of weeks. I'm sure there's a few bugs that need to be panned out. Oh, and this is for my fans - THANK YOU SO MUCH for your patience and support. It means a lot to me that I still get the occasional email asking me when Chapter 2 is coming out - and I promise it's coming! As you may or may not know, I recently graduated from OCS and I'm currently Lieutenant in the Army. Sometimes I have a lot of time for hobbies like this, and others... well, you know. But again, THANKS for being my fans. i won't let you down. =D

MEGAMAN RPG CHAPTER 2 UPDATE: Revamped Battle System


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2009-12-30 02:17:35

Happy New Years, good sir. I can't wait to play MMX RPG Chapter 2! By chance, do you think you'll be able to push out the demo a week or two early, by chance?


2009-12-30 02:30:46

I have to admit I'm stoked to hear the next chapter for your game is comming out!
the previous installations were a lot of fun and story-wise pretty well thought out. definitely a the work of a real fan =D


2009-12-30 05:27:34

Finally you clue me in! Man, I thought about this every so often and wondered, "Is he still doing this?" That God you are because this has already started as a great game and has the potential to be, as you say, the most sophisticated flash RPG of all TIME.

Are you going to release the "demo" to the public, or are you going to email a select few to test it to make sure it's okay? If the latter, please send me an email!

(Updated ) ChamberACR responds:

You did an awesome job with the FAQ, so I'll give you the full release a few days ahead of when it should be finished so you can make another one ^_^ Might need some help with it though. There's a lot more to cover.

Oh, and this will be a public release. People find the most obscure glitches that way.


2009-12-30 22:09:20

happy new years,friend!


2009-12-31 16:10:36

Yay! another update, so far it looks like its more professionally done. Glad that you're still working on the megaman RPG. Maybe you should try pitcging this torward CAPCOM, to get a job there or better yet get this made into an actual product.


2010-01-01 23:16:46

The issue is that capcom could.. pretty much sue him? Would they not? Otherwise..showing his skill to them would .. definitely be worth it . They need to change the type of megaman/megamanx/etc they are releasing as they are all bland and unwarranted..... These megaman x rpg's that he makes are unique and fun.


2010-01-02 00:35:31

duuude this is awesome. can't wait for the test release... will the old save be able to xfer over?

ChamberACR responds:

Not for the test release. This demo Im working on is just to make sure all the bugs are sifted out before I make a release, since - for those of you who played the first version of chapter 1 - found it full of bugs that took me forever to correct.


2010-01-04 02:49:41

Will there be a support character that heals

ChamberACR responds:

Yep! Among other things ;)


2010-01-06 19:08:30

Can't wait til Chapter 2 comes out!!! I bet chapter 2 is gonna be twice as good as the first!


2010-01-12 05:51:49

I just wanted to say that i loved the previous games and I can't wait to see what Chapter has to deliver... Great work man... Thanks!


2010-01-12 22:22:42

will we expect more team members and a team changing option when fighting


2010-01-13 00:14:06

im curious about when it will be released o_O


2010-01-13 00:14:25

So PLEASE reply me ASAP thx


2010-01-13 18:28:36

your not gonna be like one of those game creators who have beta tester instead of public game testers are you?


2010-01-14 14:46:51

I see, this is a remarkable update to the alredy very advanced system and I look forward to being an eager "beta tester"


2010-01-19 15:34:07

Its so close I can smell it.


2010-01-26 04:11:21

I hope this one will be way better then chapter one