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MMX RPG Chapter 2 Update: Delay

2010-01-30 23:22:42 by ChamberACR

Hi everybody! I hope you're all enjoying the New Years (even though it's almost February).

Hey, um, listen. I know I said I'd be almost done about this time, but I've hit a few delays. The first of which is the job and the second of which is the amount of improvements I'm making. Unfortunately I can't negate the first one, but I can assure you that the improvements are well worth it.

Since the battle mechanics are finished, I've moved onto the platforming aspects. In the previous game, collision detection was spotty, some people got shoved off the screen, and a few other oddities persisted even after patches. This has been fixed completely. I actually redid the entire platforming code (a few times actually - ARGH! - so painful!) so it's pixel perfect now. Main characters can now wall jump (woot!) and double jump, and probably do a few more things when I'm done. But most importantly, the platforming aspects that make Megaman a Megaman game will be better applied.

Again, sorry this is taking so long to push out. You have to keep in mind that I'm kind of making three separate engines at once: an RPG engine, a platformer engine, and a i/o engine. But progress is being made!


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2010-01-31 00:16:23

Well, thankflly none of us are yelling at you or anything(right?). Hopefully if all goes well, then you won't have to make nearly as much changes on Chapter 3 and instead work on the plot, extra stuff, easter eggs. As long as from chapter 2 to 3 doesn't take as long...

ChamberACR responds:

No, it most certainly won't. Chapter 1 was something of a dry run. After this code is assembled, I'll do things I should probably be doing. Like... spell checking. Maybe I'll hire a writer or something :)


2010-01-31 14:00:49

Thanks for the update, but is there an ETA regardless?


2010-01-31 18:22:14

Well some things are unavoidable I guess, good luck with your job. Looking forward towards playing the finished product.


2010-01-31 23:35:45

From what it sounds like, I'm sure the wait will be well worth it
It sounds like the greatest game to hit newgrounds haha
And then hopefully you can just copy the engines youre making now and use them for the next games like the other guy said
What is the estimated date it will be done?


2010-02-01 05:30:40

Well, the wait is kinda painful but i`d rather play the complete game a bit later than a buggy and rushed game now so yeah.....i can wait, and i`m sure other people can too.

And to tell the truth...i honestly think it might be in my opinion the best game in newgrounds when it is released. Keep up the good work!


2010-02-01 16:33:04

You know that I'm itching to write a walkthrough for this one, ACR. With all this awesome new stuff you've added, though, I think that will make my job worth maybe two or three news posts.

Still waiting anxiously, though!


2010-02-02 12:30:38

Most of us will be happy as long as it comes out, no matter how long it takes.


2010-02-03 01:47:13

Although the whole job thing seems to be why this is being delayed, I still anxiously wait for this new chapter to come out. I started playing Chapter 1 again and am "grinding" my characters so they will be prepared for what is to come. I very much look forward to it and wish you the best of luck on your (real) job!


2010-02-04 00:24:23

i'm sure the improvements with look amazing. i know that perfection takes time, so take as long as u need to.


2010-02-04 13:42:54

Can't wait!!!! Any idea when Chapter 2 is being released?


2010-02-04 22:09:53

Lol if you're looking for a writer, I could do that. I would consider myself quite proficient at the English language and all spelling of its words. That nd my gramr is freakin awsm! Can't wait for the game to come out!


2010-02-14 19:04:33

can ya estimate when will it be released?


2010-02-17 10:58:13

Hey, 'Bout the engines, MMX RPG ch.1 has those bugs apearently UNTOUCHED! All I hope is that ch.2 WON'T have it.


2010-02-20 19:54:50

I don't mind the wait, but when this comes out, it WILL be the awesomest Flash EVER! I know it's been said before, but your work is amazing. I am looking forward to this latest addition, drooling at the thought of another Megaman X RPG. This is the main reason I visit the site on a regular basis; to see if you completed the game yet.


2010-02-20 20:14:51

I wonder where ChamberACR could be...


2010-02-27 23:24:28

That's good news. I can't wait to give it a go. It sounds very awesome. I loved Episode 1 and can't wait for the rest of the series.


2010-03-09 17:45:10

Ep1 is incredible! This is really one of the best "small" flash game I ever played... But as much as I'd like to say you deserve a break, I don't want you to get one, I just want that second chapter! :p