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MMX RPG Chapter 2 Update!

2010-03-13 23:44:15 by ChamberACR

So it's been a while NG. Sorry about that. Lots of "real world" things that are getting in the way of my masterpiece. Before I talk about that, though, let's cover what's been done and what's left to do before MMX RPG Chapter 2 is ready for launch.

- BATTLE ENGINE: The engine is FINALLY finished. It's a touch of WoW, old school FF, and Breath of Fire all rolled into one. The challenge I found in developing this new system was in how to convert the massive amount of information available to the player into a clean, cohesive interface. The extra complexity in the game made this overhaul an absolute must, since fights (specifically boss encounters) require some deep levels of strategy.

- ITEMS/WEAPONS: Chapter 1 had approximately 25 items and 75 pieces of equipment; Chapter 2 has approximately 80 items and 350 pieces of equipment. Much of the equipment can be bought at a store, but a variety of the new weapons must be created. That brings me to...

- BUILD SHOPS: By collecting SCHEMATICS scattered throughout the game, you'll be able to create new items and equipment. Winning battles automatically produces SCRAP, and scrap will allow you to create new stuff. The only thing I need now are some weapon descriptions. IF ANYBODY IS CREATIVELY UP FOR THIS TASK, PLEASE LET ME KNOW!!
- IMPROVED INTERFACES (all around): I've spent most of my time improving and fixing the glitches people reported in Chapter 1. I've nailed about 99% of them and made some much needed adjustments.
- NEW PLAYABLE CHARACTERS: Dynamo and Sigma are intricate to the storyline in Chapter 2, bringing the total cast of playable characters to 5. Speaking of which...

- NEW PLATFORMING ENGINE: So admittedly, I was never really satisfied with my original platforming engine. It was glitchy. Inconsistant. And you couldn't wall jump. Well guess what: that has all been added. Wall climbing and double jumping ARE BACK BABY! Whoo!! And it's silky smooth. I redid the entire engine from scratch, so now it plays like a Megaman game should.

So that's all the things that have been accomplished. I still need to do the following things:

- REDO THE ANIMATION:Chapter 1 was, in my opinion, great, but not very efficient when it comes to memory storage. A lot of this was because how the character animation was done. I've fiqured out a method that lets me animate the same character with the same amount of detail at only 1/4 the memory usage, but it also means I have to redo all the animation. Its a gigantic pain in the ass, and it's unfortunately going to take me weeks to complete.
- REDO THE EFFECTS:Same as the characters. If anybody wants to help me in this department, I could really use it. Things like fireballs and explosions and the like.

- REDO THE SOUND:Thankfully, I don't have to redo all of them. I've though about doing some voicework for this version, but that ultimately comes down to how much space I have left after everything is said and done.

- CUTSCENES: Okay, so I'm not an animator, but I could really use the help of an animator in creating story cut scenes. Or at least somebody who can draw so we can fill the story with pictures and text. If there's no volunteer, I'll figure something around that. But still, an animator would be great...

- LEVEL DESIGNS/STORY:Once the animation and everything else is complete, I'm going to really start hammering out this story. Needless to say, it'll be less ridiculous then FFXIII. Which probably isn't saying much. Seriously - Lighting is a female version Cloud; Vanille is a stereotypical Japanese female teenager; Snow is whinnier/brawnier version of Tidus, and Hope is an emo/younger version of Squall. Godamnit Squareenix, my patience for your predictable stock characters is running thin.

Anyways, that's all for now. LET ME KNOW IF YOU CAN HELP!

MMX RPG Chapter 2 Update!


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2010-03-13 23:56:52

I just got finish playing the chapter 1 for the first time, and it is as if It could be on the game boy, you have some real nice talent. Um if you cant find anyone to make weapon description I will do it for you. I dont know how qualified I am so if someone else thinks they can do a good job of it, let them do it. But if you need help, pm me or email me at


2010-03-14 12:29:05

Im surely URGE You put the game screen as small as this screen shot to maximize the quality of the game


2010-03-14 12:30:26

And u need put them more frame so they would look more like orginal megaman x look like also faster and use megaman sound add shadow to where they stand or running around


2010-03-14 14:12:06

can't wait big fan of da game


2010-03-14 20:32:30

Oh my Chuck, ChamberACR is alive! And.. judging by the massive content you're putting in this game, it looks like this could be an RPG that could sell on a console. I can't believe you're going to do all of this in flash. To be honest, you HAVE to find a way to market this as an official Megaman game. It sounds like you're adding so much stuff that the only way to truly understand it is to actually play the game and learn it. At least, that what it seems like to me. You're really going above and beyond to make the greatest flash game in all of history!(I think)

I wish you the best of luck in your multi-year quest. I can't help you programming-wise, but if you feel like you need some help in creativity or something odd that requires time, feel free to email me at . I think it would be pretty cool to contribute to this game, as a regular person. Good luck!

ChamberACR responds:

Maybe not the "greatest", but it will be the most technical RPG project EVAR! lol

Thanks for the support man :)


2010-03-14 22:45:14

<3 Thanks for your time


2010-03-15 00:50:11

After playing once more of two of those megaman X epidsode i felt chapter 0 is better on quality remove those on chapter 1 replace with 0 or add a option allow your screen is as small as screenshot above im pretty impress now do not dispoint me :D


2010-03-15 02:04:23

I've actually done a lot of writing, and would love to help out with this project. I have grad school, so depending on what you need, I wouldn't be able to do this all at once, but I absolutely love Chapter 1 (can't stop playing it!) and the idea of having something of myself in Chapter 2 is too cool to pass up. PM me or e-mail

ChamberACR responds:

Maybe you can be part of my editing team once the game is complete. Knowing my inability to spell check, I could really use the help. =D


2010-03-16 17:48:00

i agree with laughingbox it'd be amazingly popular and can you give us an estimate on how much more time so we dont go crazy and start a riot :)

ChamberACR responds:

I'd love to, but I rushed the first chapter and I spent WEEKS making patches. Seriously, the patch notes were like three pages long and I think - to some degree - it really damaged my scores. So this time, before I release anything, it has to be PERFECT. But... I'm "trying" (ie, hopeful) to have all the big stuff complete before June and then I'll send it to people for bug testing/editing.


2010-03-17 19:01:57

Wait... now that I played again Chapter 0, didn't Zero quit the Maverick Hunters?

Also, I tried making a game with Dynamo playable too. The game sucked so I scrapped it.


2010-03-17 22:02:08

Oh yes, I'll help even though I haven't played a smidgen of the first 2 chapters.

It might have something to do with LB.




2010-03-21 09:56:53

I look forward to it :D


2010-03-31 21:48:46

I really love this rpg series that you made.if you need any help in editing, testing, descriptions,or storyline, please e-mail me a
I've played through most of the megaman x series, megaman battle network, and megaman zero series so maybe I could help you uot with storyline.


2010-04-06 08:34:48

good job can u give me an average percent of how much is done


2010-04-06 19:42:52

Maybe you should add a Bass chip for the battlechip collection. And some bosses in the classic series like the green devil.


2010-04-07 01:32:03

i cant wait for chapter 2 it looks like its gonna be 10x more awsome then chapter1


2010-04-09 04:33:58

is it going to be finished by this year


2010-04-12 17:30:28

If you really need some spell check and item description,i could do it aswell.I really like your work,and if can help it i will love to.


2010-04-15 22:54:55

dude,dont worry lol,take as long as you need,if your having fun making these,then take your time!it took me a year to make my game,and it sucked,but i had fun


2010-04-27 17:44:44

Looks nice. Personally, I would have been happy if you had just fixed the platforming part of the gaming engine. But, this seems like a different game entirely. So, congrats. Dynamo and Sigma are going to be with the hunters? Okay. Any chance we can expect Vile to make an appearance? Either way. If Sigma and Dynamo are going to be on the hunter side, who's going to be on the evil side? Omega or Weil? Or possible Megaman iX? Anyway, it looks awesome. I can't wait to try this bad boy out. I'm currently making my own flash series. So, you can check out my flash for ideas if you want for the story.


2010-05-02 12:19:07

do you possibly know when its gonna be done? pm back =D


2010-05-07 11:15:05

I'll be more than happy to assist with spellchecking/grammar/etc.

Email is

Everyone is also wondering if you are still alive :(


2010-05-08 03:20:18

I don't know if you noticed yet, but you spawned an pretty big community for this game alone. Not even ch0 and ch1, just the anticipation for ch2. Can't wait, and you've done amazing things already! Keep it up!


2010-05-12 18:10:56

So no demo dang it


2010-05-12 18:26:41

hey, im new, but if you want I can do item description, and maybe some voice acting (I want to try hehe) If you want, give a text and i'll do a demo


2010-05-13 22:41:52

Does anybody know if ChamberACR is still alive...?


2010-05-14 22:31:39

Okay. I must say it as a fan of megamanX........................ THIS GAME RULES!!!!!!! I have experience with game design. Heck. I'm making a game right now. I would completely LOVE to help out man. Keep up your amazing work. *sorry about this one but....* Live long... and prosper....


2010-05-17 03:07:41

This is prolly my fav MMX game now! ChamberACR, you ROCK man (Ha ha! It's a play on words - LOL)!! I do not have any experience in game design or anything like that, but I'm a top notch speller. So, lemme know if you still need help with spell checking. Also, I may be able to come up with some item names, etc. PM me or e-mail me @


2010-05-18 18:23:03

OK if you ever played megaman bn 5 you would know they got dark chips i was wondering if you can add that except cost way more than the other chips mostly because duh those dark chips are strong


2010-05-18 20:09:02

OH MY WORD..... That's what the battle system is gonna look like?!?


2010-05-19 12:34:02

WAIT... WHAT??? Dynamo and Sigma are gonna be playable?!?


2010-05-24 23:58:17

i hope finish faster its been3 years ive been waiting for this


2010-05-26 07:23:01

what if you and psuedolonewolf worked together your games together would be so epic


2010-05-29 06:00:36

hmm......neverending update? IM WAITING FOR AGES


2010-06-02 18:19:39

Still waiting over here. Are you still working on it?


2010-06-06 14:07:59

can i be in the beta test please


2010-06-07 02:41:08

For all of you who love ChamberACR's Megaman x game, you may enjoy Megaman Mavericks 1 & 2. It's a downloadable RPG game created by Youtube user Maddrex77. If you look him up on youtube & lok on his site, he gives you the sites to download the games. So, while you are waiting for ChamberACR to finish Megaman RPG Chapter 2, you can play this one in the mean time. I find it very fun and challenging @ the same time! One of the best fanmade RPG's (along with Megaman RPG Chapter 1) that I personally feel Capcom could benefit from! :-)


2010-06-08 14:35:13

This sounds and looks like it's coming along amazingly. I've loved your work ever since I played the first chapter, and I really look forward to everything you will ever make. Ever


2010-06-10 08:00:10

I took a look at the left side of the Screenshot and I saw X.
and then I said: Oh, that must be the Player's side now. And X is being targeted by Bomber Joe???
Then I just noticed.
I took a look at the upper right and saw the Player's Characters
the 1st slot's image is empty.
I took a look at the bottom right side and saw Axl, Zero, and Dynamo...
so what's up with X? O.o

~Anyways. I agreed when you said "If I had to choose between adding voice or more music, I'd have to go with more Music".
~And maybe I could help you with the weapon descriptions. Or maybe something else. I'd love to.

~I liked Boss Rush and Chapter 1. Just Finished Boss Rush but I sorta made a mistake there xD. I only had one Emergency Tank left. I used overload and it killed X then I used the Tank for X. But then Zero got killed with the Big Yellow Thing. D: which left me with X versus the Big Yellow Thing and Protoman. Fortunately for me, I tried to use the "Bad Mojo" Item on the Big Yellow Thing which rendered him stunned and poisoned, making it 1 on 1.
~I haven't finished chapter 1, yet. :3

~Good Luck dude! And I may be able to help! If you want meh, you could PM meh :3
~ /me can't wait for Chapter 2


2010-06-10 22:31:51

Dude, I'd love to help with the weapon descriptions of this game, I still can't get enough of chapter 1


2010-06-11 04:29:07



2010-06-13 07:01:13

Hey i have sent you a pm with my email so your welcome to get in touch if you need help.
It would be awesome to be able to help out with this project, chapter 1 rocked.
I forgot to mention in the pm that i took art and graphics in college (uk college) so i can draw if you need somthing for the cut scenes i might be able to help out but i dont have a traditional style, i can show you examples of my work whe you get in touch :)


2010-06-13 09:27:50

Hey Duuude. If you'd like some more sprites or even animate some of the sprites you're currently using, I could might as hell give it a try. heck I'm only good at animating Sprites lolz.
If you want a sample I guess I could treat you with one because I'd sure love to help you in this.


2010-06-13 09:32:43

Sorry for double posting but this is about the Hidden Boss in Chapter 1.
Well, I don't think it's impossible but it is if the only level you're in is 12 or something with only 2 characters as well. I only got at least halfway killing it lolz.

Well in the abandoned Building (Dynamo's Hideout) I went down and In the front door. And when I finished all of the extra missions and the training simulator, I only got to level 12. I'm trying to level up more with the 3rd Course in the Simulator. I think it's gonna take at least level 15 or so depending on how I grow my characters.


2010-06-14 10:23:34

Lol Kenbl, you do need to be in the upper 10s to take him on, just remember that the Cursed status he'll use on you prevents healing <.<. On my latest playthrough, got X, Axl, and Zero (Though he's only used in the Simulator sadly after you finish Dynamo) to 26 then took him on for the heck of it. xD (Was too busy mastering chips, lol)


2010-06-16 09:42:55

Yeah that Curse sucks!! (Which is a Good Comment on the Game Lolz)
Sometimes I just heal myself without even noticing I had Curse! That's +1 turn lost.
Hmmm... maybe I'll take him on on level 18 or so..


2010-06-16 15:57:11

@ Punk54 - Ya know, I've been wondering the same thing! @ kenbl - I was lvl 17 the 1st time I beat the hidden boss. I fyou haven't beat him yet, make sure you have auto-rez so that when X or AXL die, the come back to life automatically. Also, have plenty of resurrection tanks (I 4get the name of them. I haven't played in a couple weeks). Both of those really help! Also, it's very helpful to have the chip that lets you auto-heal, too. That keeps ur charas alive longer.


2010-06-16 18:14:20

Haha, yeah, I was like, lv 18 the first time. Limit break spamzors >.>

Oh, if ACR reads this, change the darn button that pulls up the menu >.< Sometimes I neglect to re-click on the flash when I navigate to another tab and press the Backspace key to pull up the menu and I end up going to the previous page Dx It's really a pain when I'm farming Course 3 -.- Sure they're not that difficult when you get to a point, but it's still time consuming -.-


2010-06-19 04:35:05

i beat megaman rpg 1 at lv 9 and your telling me you lost WOW anyway no offence


2010-06-19 12:16:19

Really great game man love it cause its just like some of the other megaman games i like except you added your own rpg style LOVE IT! WONT STOP PLAYIN!