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Megaman X RPG: Chapter 2 Update

2010-07-20 18:41:10 by ChamberACR

Hey everybody, sorry I've been absent for so long. Being an LT in the Army is something of a... how shall we say this - a time suck. In other words, the days are long and the spare time is fleeting.

On the plus side, all the hard parts are finished. ALL OF THEM. And it fucking took forever. To recap:

The upgrade system: DONE.
The battle engine: DONE.
Sprites animations: DONE. (Mostly, like 85% done)
The platform engine: DONE.
Item/Weapon creation system: DONE.
Everything else: MOSTLY DONE.

The only things left to make unfortunately take a lot of fine tuning, namely the story and level design. And I'm in the process of putting together a test demo for balancing issues. I know I've been saying that for months now, but I really mean it this time. The new battle engine is REALLY damn cool but I'm sure the Upgrades need some tweeking. Give me one more month and it should be put together.

P.S. - I just wanted to thank Laughinbox for supplying me with item/weapon descriptions. It was a massive task and it took him months, but he came through and saved me a ton of time. And again, thank you to everybody who has left me feedback the past year or so. This game (when it is finally finished) is for you. =D

Megaman X RPG: Chapter 2 Update


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2010-07-20 19:11:15



ChamberACR responds:

lol - THANKS! Still here; still working.

... it's good to have fans =D


2010-07-20 19:22:27

Good to hear Chapter 2 is on the way.

Chapter 1 was one of the most well made RPGs I have played on here.

I do have some concern if some updates are made to the upgrade system. Will most of the upgrades from Ch. 1 pass on to Ch. 2?

ChamberACR responds:

There are 75 different Upgrades for Chapter 2, and I wanna say about... 20 or so made the transition (albiet, most of them are heavily modified). Since data carries over from Chapter 1, all the points will be reimbursed and reset to 0 so no harm no foul =D


2010-07-20 20:00:14

Chapter 1 was AMAZING! I'd also like to thank you for investing so much of your free time just so us Newgrounders could play your brainchild - something which you weren't even paid to make. Unless you plan to use those advertisements. But anyway, thank you! <3


2010-07-20 20:50:41

Yay! You are back & ALIVE! I knew if we talked about you being dead enough, you'd come back sooner! Umm... Maybe that's a bit morbid Hmm.... Anyway good to see you back! Also, did you figure out a level cap from CH1 to CH 2? I know @ least 1 person is near lvl 100! Talk about ownage! LOL


2010-07-21 10:37:42

Wait, so he really IS alive? And he made a post? Where was I when this happened!? And when the heck did Chamber become a freaking lieutenant?

Oh well. Regardless, the game is pulling through and we're going to have probably the largest and most complex RPG on Newgrounds since... Ever. I'm fairly sure that everyone here will be pleased by the upgrades and equips. Yes, I'm that guy that did the massive amounts of weapon descriptions. I hope you're all happy that I saved Chamber some time. xD

Anyways, I'd say its time to get get ready for a mega ├╝ber-launch of this epic game. How large is it again..?

ChamberACR responds:

Uh, well, I'm going to see if Fulp will give me another extension, but if not, it should come in at around 15 MB.


2010-07-21 12:37:46



2010-07-21 17:10:37

actually mardek 3 will, it came out but hey i love megaman more so i would say this is better, and whats the problem of site users not using other sites cause they don't like them or don't want to use a different site


2010-07-21 17:28:44

I have an idea maybe giving certain battlechips to a character will give them an option to become a different form except megaman would have a lot of those since megaman can become fire ice etc anyway thats my idea


2010-07-22 21:58:37

ONE MONTH finally an estimate thank god glad its almost done cant wait

ChamberACR responds:

The test demo should be ready in a month; the second chapter should be ready a few weeks/months later (depending on the glitches/balancing issues) people find.


2010-07-23 11:25:18

the anticipation for this is amazing! greater than most games on the market and this is free and just flash! simply amazing

ChamberACR responds:

So much pressure! lol


2010-07-24 02:38:39

GOOD JOB!!!!! i cant belive that so many peolpe are helping u! i'll be in the top 10 first beta testers!!! THIS IS WORTH THE WAIT!!!!!!


2010-07-30 14:03:18

I asked this earlier: Have you decided on a level cap for starting Ch.2? I hope this week has been great for you!


2010-07-30 15:41:53

u should add have added hyper x and zero i know they have a hyper form not sure about axl


2010-07-31 14:37:54

Ahhh! I was just thinking about this. I'm glad you managed to work on this despite your work.

P.S. Nice bod lol


2010-08-01 21:23:53

I'm really happy for you, getting to lieutenant. But you know, since this chapter is going to be so awesome, you're going to make me work sooo much harder on this next walkthrough. But, it'll be nothing compared to all the work you did actually making the game.



2010-08-02 17:31:43

lol hi im new on newgrounds and i just played Chapter 1 a few hrs ago and have gotten to level 30 *got very addicting* and i have to say this is one of the most advanced Flash Game i've ever played. Nice Remake of Command Mission "totally different but somewhat familiar even though it not suppose to be remake of Command Mission" The 2nd Chapter will gurantee worth the wait in full extension of Combat i Hope?. I Hope to play it very soon :D. Also to all the Comments and Fans, Kind of dramatic and little silly much dont u think? "ur comments" lol no offense but yea... GL take ur time and Ignore all those weird comments/pressuring/annoying/threaten ing :D.


2010-08-02 17:36:34

O Yes @zx987 All 3 Heroes have a Hyper Form
It would be wonderful if u could have Added some of the Favorited Command Mission People into the game Maybe at least Spider and Marino?
Although u have TONS and TONS of things to work on
Would be such an impressive improvement to have Sprites of them.


2010-08-02 22:19:01

Im good with spider being it he was my favorite character when you get past the evilness of him


2010-08-03 19:55:38

18 more days i think


2010-08-03 23:47:21

One Question "pretty much spammed but bare please"
What got u into making Megaman X RPG?
:D Respond Whenever u can Mr. Genius


2010-08-06 12:15:06

if you think you know when its gonna be done? if you dont know thats okay i will just wait then. but if ya do know when its gonna be done tell me ASAP!


2010-08-08 23:04:03

lol.. idk if anyone found this out or if this is a glitch but, i just got heatwave with X and i Loaded twice "300% power" and i 1 hit k.oed all 3 bosses on course 3... lol...
i did 20k dmg on all of them 0.0


2010-08-09 12:47:53

I know what you mean man. I'm a sergeant too so I can understand how much you can miss on your free time. I you need more item/weapon descriptions drop me line with the item names and I'll help. Great game keep up the good work!!!


2010-08-09 15:35:46

@ Zhoin - That's WAY cool! I like to take my time a little bit & steal from the 3 bosses as they have big $$ items. What's your focus @ with X? That's partly what determines how much damage your skills will do. And what is your strength @, too? Axl has the most Focus for me, and he's got 210 focus. I'm not sure what his strength is @, tho.


2010-08-09 20:41:21

Yeah, Heatwave is pretty broken against those 3 (Just in general). But anyways, YOU LIVE. Lol Now I have a guess as to how long it'll be... lol


2010-08-11 19:06:25

You're alive!!!???
glad to hear it.
also glad to hear that the next MMXRPG is coming out soon.
tnx for the update.


2010-08-17 01:38:37

Well congrats on the 2nd Lieutenant (if you weren't one before)!

Anyway, the first RPG was really awesome. The system was straight up kickass, the characters personalities were dead-on (at least I think so), and I think it was perfectly enjoyable.

You did so well on the first, I think the second will be just as good if not better no matter how you make it!


2010-08-21 15:15:13

At the start of the game will you choose to save zero or the city
when i playled i saved at the end and i choose to save zero
if I load the game...... then what would hapen?