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Megaman X RPG: Chapter 2 Video Clips

2010-08-22 21:39:49 by ChamberACR

Hey guys, first and foremost - thank you for all the support over the past few months. I made a few videos showcasing some of the progress that's being made on Chapter 2. Admittedly, the videos aren't the greatest quality (I can only record at 45fps - the game itself runs at 60fps), so it looks a bit rough. Trust me when I say it runs a lot smoother.

Here's a sample of the battle system:

/* */

The menu system (which has awesome music):

/* */
And more battles!

/* */


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2010-08-23 00:40:11

Hard proof that this is going to be the most kickass RPG ever, am I right? The updated soundtrack has even more awesome to it. The battle system looks a lot cleaner and easier to use. Their new moves look so flashy... What's the track for the Menu System video by the way? It sounds so... I don't know, techno-ey? Still amazing.

I'm looking forward to it. (and so is everybody else) Will it be out soon? Please?


2010-08-23 07:58:56

not to be impatient, but when will the "release date" be?


2010-08-23 12:22:27

SOOOOOO COOL!!! I can't wait to play this!


2010-08-23 16:49:00

I just want to say thank you so much for making this RPG...I've honestly been counting down the days until you make the next chapter....shoot if I had cash i'd pay you to make it rofl....and yeah this looks like it's going to be really fun to. ^^


2010-08-23 20:22:38

Lookin VERY nice, bro! I'm excited to find out why Sigma & Dynamo join up with the Maverick Hunters... Also, just letting you know that I ma still available for spell/grammer check. :-)
1 question.... What's the level cap @? I'm @ level 33 or 34 & I know someone is all the way up to level 99 or 100! Or is this question one that you want us to find out for ourselves? Hope you are well!


2010-08-23 23:54:40

Thanks for the update.

I understand that this is a tease and all, but the difficulty seems low. 0_o.

Rock on.


2010-08-24 09:08:48

Great work as always! This game will be fantastic, Easier interface and cooler animations. The icons are small enought to not flood the screen but big enought to see easily. Great work. We are all eagerly waiting for this.


2010-08-25 21:34:08

The teasers served their purpose. Can't wait for the game to be released.


2010-08-25 23:03:13

Its so amazing i kinda cried


2010-08-27 18:17:52

Naw im just kidding but great game i can see more things to happen in your future (beside the army thing)


2010-08-27 19:51:10

So far, this looks AMAZING!!!
I really can't wait for it to be finished.


2010-08-28 14:47:57

O-O SIGMA AND DYNAMO YES this is gonna be awesome is tat depending on wat y chose in the first 1


2010-08-29 00:36:31

Personally, I'd rather have the next turn thing separate from the limit break thing (sorry if these are the wrong terms for them, haven't played in a while)


2010-08-30 20:41:06

i just ran out of tissues... OH! this wasn't "that" kinda video... i knew that lol


2010-09-05 11:49:53

You could probably sell this game if it didn't have copyrighted characters and sprites.


2010-09-16 18:15:45

P.S. its been a month since you said, "Give me one more month and it should be put together."


2010-09-17 18:06:02

Just wait yall he doesnt have alot of time on his hands


2010-09-28 22:00:30



2010-10-14 02:00:39

The game looks great. Could we possibly get an update.


2010-10-16 02:50:51

On July 20th, Allen responded to me after I offered to help him with the spell check. Here is what he said:
"I definately need help with editing once I'm done once the script is finished. Can I email you a few weeks/months from now"

This leaves a vagueness as he uses the word "few". And I have learned time after time that the word "few" means something different to different people. So, who knows! We may not hear from him until November or December or maybe not even until next year! OR...maybe we'll hear from him this weekend or maybe even next weekend. Tough to say. Just thought I'd share, tho. I'm lookin forward to it as much as many of you, but I am also patient as I also have a job to keep me busy & a wife to make happy after work hours! :-)


2010-10-18 20:54:06

I know the feeling. Now that it's the "middle" of the school year, I'm stacked with homework and wouldn't have the time even if he finished today.


2010-11-05 11:53:09

I knew something was bugging me!
Damn my memory!! Aargh!
(Oh crap, I typed it?!? O.o)
Well, so the game is finnally finishing,huh?
Hopefully before the christmas vacation starts,cause the wait has been far too long.
I CAN'T TAKE IT!! I didn't spend anything on the new games or current gen consoles(except for the wii), and it's a good thing too. Crappy games, crappy ripoffs and crappy ... ( post whatever to your liking here). Oh well, I guess you're probably getting tired of me whining, so get back to work ( on the game, lol) and have a nice day.

please comment XO


2010-11-20 14:47:36

i'm not rushing you but please get the game don before March but don't rush it.