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2010-11-30 01:35:46 by ChamberACR

FINALLY! WHOOOOOO! TWO YEARS IN THE MAKING! Even though it's just a demo, it's a pretty damn epic one. Thank you to everybody who's emailed me and supported me along the way. Hopefully people will like it and I can concentrate on actually finishing Chapter 2.




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2010-11-30 01:43:18

Glad to see you're still alive.


2010-11-30 02:55:17

Good for you that you released it. =D


2010-11-30 03:58:44

been waiting for this good job man


2010-11-30 16:44:02

I have a slight problem with the demo (not a glitch or bug); whenever im attacking and it says it it a criticall hit it misses sometimes.....that just bugs me.....whill you make it that critical hits never miss?


2010-11-30 16:54:40



2010-11-30 18:46:41


Erm.. I mean, awesome. I'm going to play this when I get the chance. And the fans go WILD.


2010-11-30 20:19:11



2010-11-30 21:37:16

Great demo! Been lurking around, hoping you'd finish soon! Made an account so I could comment and report what I've found.

I'm not too sure what caused it, be it prolonged gameplay or constant ctrl-tabs out, but eventually the entire game attempts to run all sequences at once and I unable to exit anything. X's 'victory phrases' begin to pop up, support attacks begin to repeat 3-5 times before finally quitting, and enemies do not die. If the battle DOES finish, the screen flickers, and returns to the Tier menu, and no other menu can be accessed.

Only other comment I can make is, when I apparently succeed at stealing, there is no indication if success or what I've stolen, like in Chapter 1. Verification of success and what was gained would be helpful!

Otherwise, great demo, and great work!


2010-11-30 22:35:32

Err.. would it hurt to ask if you could change my name in the credits? You spelled it as Laughinbox. Can you change it to Laughingbox? Please? I don't want a nonexistent account to take the glory for the time I actually spent helping this game.. >.<


2010-12-01 11:49:09

Noooooo........!!!! I had my players up to level 8 plus a bunch of bonus things. The Newgrounds did the maintenance this morning & now my saved file is gone! I gotta start back over from scratch! Why Newgrounds?! WHYYYYYY?!!!!!!! *Sad face* Anyway....I gave my review on the game on the game page itself. I love it!! 10/10! I've posted the bugs I've seen so far also have seen some of what others are mentioning. Great game! Love it! Looking forward to Ch 2! Thanks for the early Christmas gift Chamber! :-)


2010-12-01 22:30:47

Oh sweet it's you. I've been waiting forever since that last megaman rpg you made (even up to that secret room thanks for the nightmares btw) How was your time in the Army?


2010-12-03 02:42:09

I found another glitch: I equipped X with the Tornadoman Chip (so I could use burst shot. I LOVE that attack!) & after I shot with it, the game froze! I tried using it with Axl instead, but same result. I was in Tier 3, butr I do not suspect that has anything to do with it...


2010-12-03 23:05:56

WOW so far i done Tier 1 like 5 times i think? got support,dynamo (WAY BETTER THAN AXL) but... i cant tell wether a bug, i got mega x buster on X and he level 7 and he did 369 dmg first hit on the big reploids >.> so...


2010-12-04 10:10:04

I can't wait to try the demo! It looks so much more interesting than Chapter 1 (no offense), not to mention the fact that we've all had months to get psyched about it. ;-P


2010-12-04 11:08:19

Wow i love Sigma way better than dynamo and axl... not sure about dynamo but :D, but why is it that like sigma had FAST speed "ready speed and casting speed" but later when he leveled and he got casting speed upgrade he got slower?


2010-12-04 14:29:48

Using the item, Frag Grenade, results in the game freezing as well. Haven't tried other Grenades, will post if they do anything glitchy~.


2010-12-04 19:12:33

Good to know Irihi! I'll make sure not to use those grenades! LOL Also, another glitch I found is that the game freezes when I use my fire support with Sigma as the team leader.


2010-12-07 19:31:38



2010-12-10 23:45:35

this game rocks but it is written that over 20 battlechips but i am able to find only 19 can u tell me the other chip combinations?


2010-12-11 21:53:05

soo.. like i was on tier 5 i beat it got EXP/SXP then i got level 40+ and i didnt get 1 level per time i did EXP/SXP Reward for upgrades, so i beat tier 5 again and got upgrade reward and guess wat.... NaN Upgrades?!?!?!!?!? i maxed everything in upgrade isle and was happy... so fix bug... also why doesnt it show my status like way up? AND WHY DOES IT KEEP CHANGING VALUES WHEN I DONT DO ANYTHING? 90% charge to 53% charge... seriously...


2010-12-12 10:52:54

mind telling me urs? Dugubeta?


2010-12-12 12:02:58

I noticed a glitch that i never noticed before. If you beat the tier, and you pick for a reward +1 UPGRADE, you'll get the $NaN glitch in the upgrade department. In other words, you'll have infinite upgrade points, just like you can get the $NaN glitch in the store. Others have listed the rest of them I think. Aside from the glitches, it's a great demo.


2010-12-12 13:43:22

lol.. there is $NaN? how...? 0.0 wow LOL everyone gonna be overpowered.... "thank god chamber didnt make this file able to go over to chapter 2"


2010-12-16 04:15:16

how much longer for the full game


2010-12-21 16:58:35

found a few more bugs after the comment i lfet on the game page and the all make the game freeze
they are
1. burst shot
2. magnetman's slow all assist tech
3. any kind of grenade used

i also found a few minor bugs that annoying as they are, dont make the game freeze


2011-01-11 20:21:35

FINALY BACK :D COLL DEMO BUT.... IS A BIT...SLOW HERE D: are you going on the army? ._.


2011-01-12 18:31:13

great. MMX chapter 2?


2011-01-26 07:09:48

@ DUGUBETA - You can synthesize 19 chips, but remember that X, Zero, Axl AND Sigma have a personal chip of their own, making the total # of chips 20+ (23 to be precise)

Also, I am curious... my best time in the timed course is 57 seconds. MAYBE 58. Has anyone done better?


2011-01-26 13:00:57

Take your time in making chapter 2. More time means more awesomeness.


2011-02-09 20:57:36

I'd love to say I "can't wait", but I'd hate to rush a work of art, so, I'll be as patient as possible...for now... ;-P


2011-02-12 21:58:58

The demo is awesome aside from all the glitches and bugs. For people who want a challenge, when you beat a tier, don't go for the +1 upgrade points, because than you get the NaN glitch and you can fully upgrade all 3 tiers and then it doesn't become as fun anymore. Also, you can read about all the other glitches from other comments. So now I can wait patiently because I know that when it's finally done, it will be a masterpiece. I also have a suggestion for Ch 2.
I know you get experience from beating enemies, but could you also put in money as a reward as well? That way it will be easier to get items without the NaN glitch or selling all your items to get one upgraded item.


2011-02-15 08:12:12

U NO WAT? IM LOVI'N IT! I havent found any bugs or glitches yet, but WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOTTT!


2011-02-22 00:40:30

Congrats to you, ACR. xD


2011-03-06 03:12:06

im disappointed that u just released a demo after such a long time

but hey,i won't forgive myself if i skip this demo

god speed "2nd LT"


2011-04-18 09:14:52

Hey Chamber! Any new updates? I'm sure we are all waiting to find out anything!! :-)


2011-04-20 11:03:44

Is everything going alright?!


2011-05-02 16:21:11

Chamber seems to like to do this. He puts out a really great game, we all shout hooray He'll make a few responses & then he disappears for months at a time! Only to come back with ANOTHER great game! LOL
Sometimes some of us we'll start wondering of he's still alive or not. When that happens it doesn't seem TOO long before he's back on here! LOL I wish you well Chamber!! I'm prayin for your safety. :-)


2011-05-10 23:46:12

i command thee! RESURRECT... please?


2011-05-18 23:00:59

He's alive, guys. Actually, he's having the time of his life.


2011-05-30 17:42:04

Glad he's having the time of his life. :-)
Also, for anyone who is interested, the admion over at, Jeff, has announced the following:

Starting today, has it's own phone number.
When you call 707-877-MMX9 (6699), you will be connected to a answering system where you can leave your comments/suggestions/questions or anything else you would like. We are going to have a theme every time, so at the end of each of Voicemail Bag segment, I will announce the theme and you can call and say whatever you want about that subject for the next show.

When you call, please say your username or name on the site, and then proceed with your message. If I get a lot of messages, I might have to pick a set few, but I'm aiming for a bi-weekly feature. The segment will start on a back and forth style, with a message from someone, then myself or a guest host responding. If you don't want your voice message played, please say so at the end of your message, and I will read your message myself. I figured this would be a great way to get the fans to voice their opinions, and literally have their voice heard.

Since this is the first segment, there is no theme, just call in and say what you want about anything, but we prefer it be website-based. I'll pick a select few and we'll see how it comes out! =P


2011-06-01 18:16:34

So.. what did he tell you laughing box :(.


2011-06-27 04:39:15

What we have here... a man who didnt quit his creation....
I guess you will make it full once you end it)
Because when you reinstall your windows you will loose savings)
And many people lazy or dont know where the save is... im just lazy to... SAVE THE SAVE FILE.