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A Farewell to Thee

2011-07-16 23:07:00 by ChamberACR

HI everybody,

I know I haven't been on in a while. A LONG while. And I apologize about that. I've been hitting a few rough patches in life lately and, unfortunately, they've all demanded a lot of time from me. For those who don't know, I'm currently a First Lieutenant in the Army and it's just fucking stressful and seldom rewarding. And to top it all off, I have women troubles. And bills. SO MANY BILLS.

What I'm trying to say is that my life is a mess.

ANYWAYS, what I want to throw out there is that while my dream has been, and still is, to make games for a living, the truth of the matter is it's going to have to wait till - at the very least - I'm done playing soldier. I just don't have enough time. That being said, I just wanted to thank everybody that's been a fan of mine over the past few years and know that it because of you that I want to return to this profession one day. THANK YOU ALL. You've been great at keeping me motivated and helping me develop as a game designer. Maybe one day, if I can ever assemble a team of dedicated professionals, we're going to create the best FRIGGIN RPG ever made. PROMISE.

Thank you all, everybody. It's been my pleasure =D
- Allen "Chamber" Royston

P.S. - If you ever see me on the street, say hi! That's me ;)

A Farewell to Thee


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2011-07-18 21:54:41

Thanks for the update :( We will miss you!


2011-07-20 00:26:52

I Would Love To Assemble A Team Of Programmers For An RPG, That Would Be Awesome


2011-07-20 16:31:29

hold up man, does this mean your not going to be making the next chapter? cause i was really looking forward to it.
well either way im gonna really miss you.


2011-07-20 21:39:44

I would like to see that game and don't worry we understand (at least me), so is life... Looking foward for the next chapter :)


2011-07-21 18:42:21

I had wondered if this might happen. I completely understand & support your decision. Real life comes very 1st! I keep you in my prayers & I hope that all will work out for you! If you care to chat, E-mail me at shraltonn @ juno . com
Take care bro. You will be missed. When you do eventually make it back to game developing, look me up, E_mail me or find me on facebook - Dan Isle. Hopefully I'll be in a position where I can help with spell/grammar check once again. Again, take care. *HUGS* bro!


2011-07-22 04:23:41

Damn. Welp, that's about what I expected. I said it before, that once you join the military, you bend over and kiss all your freetime goodbye. Well, I was looking forward to your rpg, but oh well I guess.


2011-07-22 22:41:34

And so he goes. Duty calls...


2011-07-26 14:41:38

Ah, that's life huh? I enjoyed the X Rpgs very much. Though I can also understand that it must've taken a lot of effort to make, and you don't have time to do that anymore. Enjoy what time you do get to yourself. You probably need it.


2011-07-30 19:27:26

so no more X? cant we just give you some money so we can help youz out? :(


2011-08-24 20:36:10

Thanks for at least updating us. Would it kill you do to it once every few months and not have hiatuses of over half a year? :P Keep on trucking, man.


2011-08-25 11:47:45

I haven't come to Newgrounds for so much time, and when I come to take a look, I read this :/ Man... thats too bad, sorry to hear that... Anyway, heads up! Things will get better!

Take care, and come back to say hi someday ^_^


2011-10-08 19:56:16

If anyone still plays this awesome game from time to time here are some hints that may help you save New $$:

If you need some items & don't have the cash take time to work on the time course. Finishing with the right time will get you the right item you want/need. Here is what you get for finishing in the following seconds:
1 second left: Freezes the game
2s-10s: Energy Vial S, Energy Capsule S, Ether Capsule S
11s-20s: Ruby Quartz, Sapphire and an occasional Diamond.
21s-25s: Energy Capsule S, Energy Capsule M and an occasional Energy Capsule MX
26s-30s: Reserve Battery A, B, C or D and Reserve Cells A or B
31s-35s: Mega, Ether, Nova, Cosmic or Ultra Busters
36s-40s: Energy, Flux Focus blades or Legacy Saber
41s-45s: Tempered and Hardened Ceramics or Adamite and Bionic Armors
46s-59s: Ceramic, Bionic, Tempered, Reploid, Adamite and Ultima Helmets.

If you find anything that I do not have posted, please add it to the list! Enjoy Everyone!! :-)


2011-10-21 16:38:59

NNNNNNNNNOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO OOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!! we will miss u :( gone but never forgoten like a TRUE lu10it!


2011-11-05 22:49:11

No, I'll pay you to make the next megaman chapter....just kidding but this sucks though that you don't have any free time to make games. Well if you return then come back with the most epic RPG game ever. Thats the least you can do.


2011-11-16 17:51:58

Here's an Update to the time trial items. Again, if you don't want to spend the $$, take time for the time trial to get some items that will cost no $$.
New this go around:
21s-25s: Energy Capsule SX
31s-35s: Buster, Alpha Buster, Hyper Buster and Omega Buster
36s-40s: Hero Saber, ZX Saber and Long Sword
41s-45s: Reploid Armor, Mecha, Adamite, and Ultima Armors, Techtonic Plating
46s-60s: Earthen Helmet

Has anyone been able to finish the time trial with 60s? I've done as good as 59s.


2012-01-11 06:39:27

Omg, don't leave us! Not after such kickass games you produced!

Well all of that aside, your activities always come first. But hopefully you'll have some time to rejoin newgrounds as a lot of fans will be patiently waiting for your amazing work. Thanks for the update though ^^ we'll always be checking your page back.

Take Care.


2012-02-18 12:38:03

Despite the fact that megaman X rpg is going to suffer, I just pray that you'll be okay D= It's good people like you that make newgrounds what it has become. C'x If you still check these, I want you to know that if you DO make a come back, I'll be more than willing to help in anyway I can.


2012-03-19 03:29:09

dude you are awesome and you so got my attention from that game so don't give up there's lot's of people that can help you


2012-04-30 21:30:54

I got a Newgrounds account just so I could post. Mega Man X RPG Ch 1 is the best flash game I've ever played. Thank you for making this. Please come back and continue it.


2012-06-02 14:04:36

Do what you gotta do man. You made some sick games, but your life comes first. Hope to see you back sometime, but good luck!


2012-06-03 23:45:50

For all those who are still playing this game, I have 1 question to ask: What is your best time in the timed trial?

My best is 59 sec... That's no easy task either!!

However, it is useful to finish on lower times, too. As each second can give you a different reward...except for finishing at 1 second. That will freeze the game.


2012-07-13 08:26:12

Does playing Soldier really take that much time? It's been a year minus 3 days since you made that post. So, how are things going?


2012-07-23 03:03:51

Maybe he'll visit Newgrounds again too. Perhaps not with more MegaMan, but at least to say hi?


2013-02-12 14:18:42

as a 3 1/2 year army medic I can sympathize. it really is a full time profession where you have little to no free time. if he hasnt been heard of, he could very likely be in a location without internet. such places are very dangerous, because thats usually guaranteed that he is deployed, so my thoughts and prayers are with you.

I sign off with my favorite two mottos:

The Fallen Shall Be Forever Remembered As America's Finest,
He/She Who Stands By My Side, Shall Always Be My Sibling In Battle.

if anyone has any questions about the military (beyond the media and commercials bullshit) hit me up for a conversation. its really different than folks expect.

Stay Safe everyone!
SPC Logan "Jedi" Cameron


2013-07-03 15:02:26

So... it's been... quite a while.

...Are you still alive?


2013-08-10 08:19:50

Hey, I'm currently an E4 in the US army at the time of speaking myself. I was wondering if you'd like to work on a game project with my comic studio. If you do we'd be willing to pay you. I sent a note with more details.


2013-10-09 05:32:52

I dont think he's gonna make any more megaman so we may better aswell just forget him and the Game


2013-12-13 08:38:00

i hadnt read this when it was published so i couldnt make a comment.
you made great games,i hope that if you dont come back someone else can continue it.
good luck with anything you're doing.


2014-01-18 02:08:13

At this point I'm nearly positive that Chamber's gone off to bigger and better things.

Good game, Allen. Your Megaman X RPG games were pretty legendary.


2014-06-21 19:12:52

Yeah...if he was going to work on this again, he would have already. He's either onto other things or he even could have lost his life in battle for all we know! I hope he is well. If he IS alive, hopefully he'll find his way back here & finish his untold story of MegaManX. It was shaping out to be really great! The gameplay was fantastic, too!!


2014-08-15 16:13:38

My dad served in the army as well. Good luck out there, and come back safe. You'll be missed here


2015-01-11 18:57:12

It's all the way into 2015, and we still have yet to hear back from you :(. Hope your kicking it, taking names, and figuring life out to be more manageable.


2015-01-14 00:20:39

i had preiodically checked this page to see if maybe, anything had changed. I now know he is either on to better stuff or died in battle. If only someone else had picked up where he left off. Rest well soldier. like you i will not be returning here again.


2015-04-26 11:49:00



2015-12-19 02:32:52

It has been a long time now… years... years without activity on Megaman X RPG and years without a single word, the last thing we were left with was a message from the creator on July 16th 2011 “A Farewell to Thee”… and that was almost 5 years ago. This game has died and the creator has left, but it had so much going for it, the combat system, the storyline, the equip-ables and almost everything else, the only thing that this game was missing was an ending. It had so much potential, it could have been bigger than it was and it should have been bigger than it was.

I don’t remember if I was there when the game came out, maybe I was, but I know it has been with me for a very long time, I’ve been a huge fan and awaited its sequel ever since I found it. I love Megaman X RPG and I play it even now, enjoying every second, but it fills me with sadness to know that there is no more to it, but there should be and there could be. Though it should be time to give up hope and many of us have, I will not and I urge you to do the same. Please don’t give up hope.

I’ve read the comments, people all want the same thing (myself included), for Megaman X RPG to continue, to reach it’s potential and to finally finish.

As much as I wish a sequel would just pop out of nowhere, unfortunately that’s not going to happen, because this game has died and the creator has left. Though we can’t bring the creator back, maybe… just maybe the game can be revived.

So this is it… my question to everyone who feels this game needs to continue, why don't we do it? ... Start it where it left off, if enough of us work together, we can accomplish this task. This game not only deserves a sequel but it needs one, and if not the creator, who else has better right to do it than the players who know and love Megaman X RPG?

In the next year I’m going to devote myself to a much deserved sequel “Megaman X RPG: Chapter 2”, anyone else who wishes to help out with writing it, coding it and designing it is more than welcome, please PM me or comment, I will be checking every Friday to see if people are interested via those two means.

Thank you.