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Megaman X RPG Chapter 2 Update: Tier 3 Upgrades

2009-11-04 20:34:33 by ChamberACR

Tier 3 UPGRADES (subject to change):

DIGITAL LEARNING: Increase the amount of XP and SXP your team earns by 2/4/6%.
SPOILS OF WAR: Chance to find twice the amount of scrap after battle than normal.
CHAIN REACTION: Longer combos increase damage done.

BATTLECRY: The entire team has their damage increased by 5/10/15%.
NANO SHIELDING: Restore 5/10/15% of your total HP when blocking.
STATIC DISCHARGE: Deals damage when attacked.
RECYCLIST: Items used in battle are turned into scrap.
TREASURE HUNTER: Enemies drop more exotic types of loot more often.

PRUDENT: Inventory sold at shops are 20/40% cheaper.
BLOODLUST: Recover HP after destroying an enemy.
WHITE BLOOD: Poison now heals HP instead of draining it.
TACTICIAN: Increase all stats by 1/2/3%.
BUSTER BOOSTER: Buster attacks cost 2% of your SP, but increase the overall damage by 5%.

SECOND WIND: If an attack defeats the player, SP is drained instead of HP, therefore preventing a KO.
SUBSTITUTE: If there's not enough SP to cast a tech, HP is taken instead.
KILLER INCENTIVE: Critical strikes increase all party members ready bar.
SHOTGUNNER: Improve damage caused by ALL-ATTACKS by 25/50%.
COMRADERY: Heals are increased by 8/16/24%.

As you can tell, I still have a few slots left to add more UPGRADES. If you have any suggestions for any good ones, let me know.

Megaman X RPG Chapter 2 Update: Tier 3 Upgrades


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2009-11-04 21:23:08

You need to be able to switch armors like in Command Mission. They each had armors that they could use. Maybe use two of any of X's armors, possibly Dark Zero, absolute zero, Omega Zero, or even Nightmare Zero. And for Axl, He could have a stealth mode, and His white armor from X8. Just some ideas. Watch some Command Mission videos or something. The transformation system from that game would pretty much fit right in with this. Anyway, just rambling now.


2009-11-04 21:26:54

Darn. I wish I could think of some good upgrades about now. Maybe some stuff to apply to the Limit breakers. That's the only thing I can think of. But, that's kinda hard, because it would have effects and make the game too easy.

Here's one. Increase the effects of items. If you haven't already.


2009-11-05 02:38:06

Hope teh next one comes soon


2009-11-05 15:14:43

Safety Dance: The entire team has their defense temporarily increased by 2/4/6%.

I cannot believe you are actually taking the time to post updates....


2009-11-06 08:38:01

anger limit: every rank you get gives you a limit breaker,or increased attack of limit breaker.


2009-11-06 12:27:49

Upgrade name

Times can upgrade

Upgrade description
Chance to reboot as soon as your hit points hit 0: 50-60-70-80-90-100%


2009-11-06 18:30:07

oh one more thing sometimes my game freezes but not my computer like i can play other games but not this game you get me


2009-11-08 15:53:19

Increase payout of items sold
Upgrades: 5
2% 4% 8% 16% 32%

ChamberACR responds:

I actually made a talent for something similar to this ;)


2009-11-08 15:56:44

Quitter: increase chance to flee battle
5% 10% 15% 20% 25%


2009-11-08 15:58:28

Low limits: Increase limit breaker chance


2009-11-08 16:00:19

Cohesion: Increse rusting damage
Upgrades: 3
15% 30% 45%


2009-11-08 16:01:24

Collareal Damage: leftover damage from buster is spread to the next target
Upgrades: 1


2009-11-08 23:40:16

so how will this affect upgrades transferred from ch.1? With some of the upgrades needing 1 point in ch1 but 2 in ch2 could leave you with negative upgrade points, and I don't think you want X and co getting blown up every chapter just to reset their upgrades... Also, will these require other upgrades to be MAXed before becoming useable?

There's already a tech called Second Wind (Airman chip), so having an upgrade also called Second Wind might cause confusion.

Upgrade suggestions:

Recyclist: Items used in battle have a 0/16/33% chance of not being used up, 100/84/67% chance of becoming scrap.

Chip Catalog: Gives 1 extra battlechip slot.

True Master: Doubles battlechip mastery bonus.

Judgement: Enemies lose 5/10/15% health at the beginning of battle.

Enemy Observer: Allows use of enemy attacks/techs/limit breaks in battle.

Useless Upgrade: Unlocks "Upgrade Freak" achievement. (ok, maybe this one isn't that good...)

ChamberACR responds:

I really like some of these, particularly the idea of Judgment. Well see =D


2009-11-09 07:04:33

Maybe this one:

Pokerface: lowers physical attk from (half)humens by ...


2009-11-10 18:49:57

rage of the machine : When a ally falls deal 10% more damage but recieve 5% more damage.

ChamberACR responds:

GREAT talent name. I'm using it ;)


2009-11-11 22:14:46


Reflective plating - Chance of decreasing buster damage by x% and deal the difference in damage back at the enemy by x%

Limiter Release - Increase attack power, duration, effects, etc of Limit Break by x% at the cost of x/x hp and sp.

Peircer rounds - Buster attacks negate x% of an enemy's defence and a chance to damage the enemy behind to target

Chain Extension - Chain display stays on screen longer for x seconds (perfably start out low, like .4 seconds, .6 seconds, etc)

Team Effort - Readied attack combo's deal increased damage

Combo Breaker (if enemy's also have combo counters) - when attacking while the enemy combo display is showing, your attack power is increased by x% based on their combo number

Medic - When using a support skill, decrease cost by x/x and increase by x%. When using a healing item increase it's effect by x%

Returning Hero - when revived, increase the hp restored by x% and increase attack power, speed, and defence by x%

Not sure if this'll be of much help, but just a few thoughts on it. Hope one of them makes it into the game. Good luck dude = D

ChamberACR responds:

These are really good, and I heavily thought about how to implement these. I particularly like the idea of Team Effort and Returning Hero. I'll see if i can make these work ;)


2009-11-14 08:33:25

how about achievements that give bonuses

ChamberACR responds:

There's actually going to be in game rewards for achievements. I hate that metagaming for no purpose shit.


2009-11-22 12:04:23

how about a upgrade called lethal weapon once you die (2) choices if you get revived then you start with limit break or if theres one person in the party left they automatically get limit break you have between (2) choices of those things i said you can decide


2009-11-30 18:58:06

A couple suggestions of mine would be to make a regeneration of some kind that restores X amount of HP/SP every X # of turns, as well as a damage dispersion which has a similar effect as the grenade launchers, only for all forms of damage. Also, a % chance to cause status effects wouldn't be a bad idea.


2009-12-06 18:39:48

I'm not really sure if it would be a suggestion...maybe.

Perhaps 5 diffrent upgrade for leveling up fire, ice, electric, wind, and bio damage respectfully.

Maybe an upgrade that slightly inprove a powerchip performance by a percentage...

Or a unique upgrade based on the character to give that character a unique move if that character is equipped with their chip, like Copy chip or Wily chip.

I can't really think of a sutible name though...


2009-12-06 21:49:56

Upgrade suggestion:

When attacked, have a 10/20/30% chance to jump high and avoid the attack. If this triggers, the jumper will land hard on the attacking enemy, doing 100/150/200% increased damage

Bullet Dive
Passively increases jump's activation chance by 5/10/15%. Also increases jump's damage by 30/60/90%

When this unit gets a critical hit, another party member will automatically attack the same enemy.

Adapting Armor
When hit with an elemental attack, resistance towards that element type will increase by 10%. This effect stacks, but only a total of 70% across all elements can be had. e.g. You get hit with 2 bio, 4 fire, and 1 wind. You now have +40% fire resist, +20% bio resist, and +10% wind resist. You can't get any more until you die or win the battle, at which point the resistances are reset.

ChamberACR responds:

I actually built in something similar to Jump, and I particularly like the idea of Opening. That was is something of a technical difficulty though. But I'll see if I can work it in. Wow, I didn't expect so many great ideas from people ;)


2009-12-09 18:19:33

How about this one:
Tough Luck: increases all stats (ALL) but lowers luck.


2009-12-10 12:10:28

I really enjoy this game and i look foreward playing it to the final chapter. Excellent Job!


2009-12-14 18:57:40

I have a couple more ideas:
LAST BREATH--if the player is about to preform an attack (or has one ready) and is defeated, the move will be carried out, and if it heals him, he is revived.
TIMED HIT--if the player presses spacebar with correct timing, a melee attack's dmg is increased by 10/15/20/30% and a buster attack has 1/2/3 extra hits at 5/10/15/20% dmg each. [is affected by CHAIN REACTION]
ON THE OFFENSIVE--DMG caused by the player is increased by 5/10/20%, but dmg caused to him increases by 30/25/20%. [incompatible with ON THE DEFENSIVE below]
ON THE DEFENSIVE-- DMG caused to the player is decreased by 10/15/20%, but dmg caused by him decreases by 20/15/10%. [incompatible with ON THE OFFENSIVE above]

ChamberACR responds:

You know what's funny? In my very first prototype of the game engine, I actually had Last Breath AND Timed Hits built in to the game. I took them out because of technical reasons, but wow.. small world. As for On the Offense/Defense, I already have battle formations that do roughly the same thing. Good ideas though!


2009-12-22 10:30:51

Let's see:
Rage of the Elements: increases fire, lightning, wind, ice and bio damage by 5/10/15/20/25%

Destiny Bond: when the character is defeated, the enemy who delivered the final blow gets defeated too (chance:50/100%)

Last Resort: When hp is low, the character unleashes a limit break after his turn ( after finishing the chosen action ) (chance:25/50/75/100%)

ChamberACR responds:

I like these a lot, particularly Destiny Bond. I might try and squeeze this in...


2009-12-25 18:26:58

Sniff, can we expect an update after xmas :(


2010-01-09 10:25:57

Last Stand:limit break when hp reach 20% or below,dealing a sure critical hit on next attack (rank ?/1)

Armor Change:add armor change command on limit break,automatic activate when hp reduced to 1/2/3/4/5% (requirement:1 on last stand) (rank ?/5)

Berserking Spirit:add damage by 120/140/160/180/200% when Armor change at critical state (requirement:1 on Armor Change) (rank ?/5)

Killer Instinct:increase critical chance by 15% (rank ?/1)

Instant Kill:When dealing critical damage,caster have a 1/2/3/4/5% of killing target in a blow (requirement:1 on Killer Instinct) (rank ?/5)

Hope these skills is nice to fit in~

ChamberACR responds:

I like the idea of an "Armor Change" that a few of you have thrown out, but you all have to realize that this is a LOT of sprite work to deal with. It already takes me three hours to properly animated and code 1 character, so adding additional sprites to the mix is out of the question for now.


2010-01-09 10:31:54

the Armor Change skill is based on SS4flamealchemist's idea
The armor is shown below

X:Ultimate Armor,Shadow Armor,Blade Armor

Zero:Black Zero,Omega Zero

Axl:White Axl


2010-01-09 10:51:34

Ultimate armor:2x on def,all stat 150%,lower tech sp cost by half,regenerate 200hp per round,both damage x2,last only 1 turn (because its too godly XD)

Shadow armor:immune to melee and buster type damage with high speed,damage 120%,Hide command added (X godmode till next turn),last 2 turn

blade armor:def 75% (u will noe why if u see all description),dealing x3 damage if receive 50 or more,damage x2,blade dance command added (inflict 100% damage while immune till next turn,last 2 turn


2010-01-09 10:59:09

Black Zero:def x2,damage 150%,anti-melee and anti-shot command added (immune damage till next turn),last 4 turn (its cuz stat lower like hell dude don jealous to this armor =P)

Omega Zero:(guess wat?) 3X damage!!!,def 50%,regenerate 30% hp and 20 sp per turn,giga blade command added (deal 5X damage with half sp),last 5 turn


2010-01-09 11:06:16

White Axl:damage 75%,attack 4 times,def 150%,tech use 1sp,The white gunner command added (use the limit break 4 times (with 75% damage) in a turn,stun for 1 turn to recharge),last 7 round (dude this armor does hav skill with heavy price don be jealous agn -_-)


2010-01-09 11:23:05

new update for white axl armor (who am i kidding -_- im just removing godly stat)

White Axl:75% damage 2 times,The white gunner command 2 TURN STUN (now happy this armor not THAT DAM GODLY? -_-)
------------------------------------- Ultimate armor:Virus surge command added (deal 5x damage and enter Virus X)

Virus X:lost 200 hp per turn,x3 damage,x3 def,Invincible virus command added (godmode till next turn),unlimited surge command added (deal x5 damage but lost 200 hp),light saber command added (deal 2 times normal attack (means of x6 damage) and stun for 5 turn (cannot be cure by any skill or item) ),armor last forever till battle finish


2010-01-09 11:24:30

Hope if i help~ but sorry for spamming ^^


2010-01-09 20:20:08

i just thought 2 more upgrade in last night

Unlimited rage:boost damage to 120/140/160/180/200% and decrease def to 20/40/60/80/100% by using Unlimited rage command (do not stack with Berserking spirit)

Ultimate finisher:a omnislash-liked skill useable only when Armor change last 1 turn,dealing x5 damage while also charge limit break by 25% with half sp drained



2010-01-11 02:59:55

if its not fit in for chapter 2 i hope u can make it in the chapter 3 thx for reply


2010-07-07 21:50:13

I'm worried about Nano-Shielding. Although the idea is great, having 15% of your health regenerate would make builds towards health become incredibly overpowered. And having the rank go up for a potential amount of 5 times, it seems like the maximum amount can be 25%...which is incredibly ridiculous.